Map: Coffee Shops and COVID-19 in 2021

Detroit has 82 coffee shops. Since 2019, 16 new shops opened and 13 closed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 11 coffee shops temporarily closed and 8 have reopened, at least for takeout.

Since 2015 Detroit has had a net gain of 28 coffee shops. A number of new community coffee shops launched during the pandemic including Black Coffee in the Northend, Milwaukee Caffe in Milwaukee Junction, The Congregation, Gathering Co., Public Square in Grandmont-Rosedale, Morningside Cafe in Morningside, Yellow Light in Jefferson Chalmers, and Cafe Alto in the former New Order Coffee spot in Midtown.

New Order Coffee (in former Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe space) abandoned the city to focus on their Royal Oak location and tears were shed when Avalon Biscuit Bar closed permanently (at the former Cafe con Leche spot).

After Coffee and (____) closed in Jefferson-Chalmers it seemed that beyond West Village, the Eastside would be uncaffeinated. Now in 2021, there are so many new options including a border line Starbucks. The Eastside and the “Heart of Detroit” and Northend seem to be the current hot zones for coffee. Downtown and Midtown are already so dense with coffee that perhaps development is making its way northward. Is New Center getting leap frogged? Coffee has had a hard time sticking with Cafe con Leche closing before the Avalon Biscuit Bar at the same spot.

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