Map: Detroit Neighborhood Coffee Shop Density 2015


Some research has said that the existence of coffee shops is a marker of gentrification (Papachristos et al., 2011). A Zillow study found a correlation between Starbucks locations and rising rent and home values. The problem is that Starbucks stores often locate in wealthier neighborhoods, so it becomes difficult to say what is the true relational direction. However, in 2008 Starbucks closed some 600 locations in relatively poorer areas. If anything the jury is still out on coffee shops being a driver or simply an indicator of broader social policies that contribute to gentrification.

Specifically in Detroit, where do home values have to go but up? Demolished seems to be the only other option. In October 2015, Dynamo Metrics release a report funded by the Skillman Foundation and Rock Ventures that attempted to model spatial-temporal impacts on home values from demolitions. The study followed commonly held knowledge that blight depresses home values combined with tracking pre- and post- home values adjacent to demolition sites.

In Detroit, demolitions are the new coffee shops?

9 thoughts on “Map: Detroit Neighborhood Coffee Shop Density 2015

  1. I appreciate this map, but I think we must also consider what KIND of coffee shop is being put in place. Ones like Always Brewing Detroit, Motor City Java, and Coffee and (____) offer meeting space, food options, and places for neighbors to interact – it’s less about coffee and more about community. I think it’s important to think about the intentionality of the shop itself.

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