Loveland’s Detroit Neighborhoods Map

NOTE: These are not the official neighborhoods of Detroit. The City of Detroit’s Department of Neighborhoods released their own update in 2015. Find those available HERE


From Loveland Technologies, makers of Why Don’t We Own This, this is a more recent attempt to pull together various understandings of neighborhoods in Detroit. A continually controversial topic and likely only get more confusing as the city “redevelops.”

“We got tired of looking at a Detroit split up by zip codes, and all the neighborhood maps of Detroit that are half empty, so we created a map where Detroit is completely filled in with neighborhoods.

We know it’s not 100% accurate (there’s probably no such thing as a completely accurate Detroit neighborhood map) so if you see things that are wrong, take it to the comments and let us know! The map will change as our understanding of peoples’ neighborhoods does!”

7 thoughts on “Loveland’s Detroit Neighborhoods Map

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  2. The north side of Brightmoor was Fenkell, not Puritan, at least east of Burt Road. Sidewalks and brick houses. The Irving theatre might be an exception.

  3. As someone born in Detroit, and whose father taught at Redford High School, but left in 1956, this is really helpful. When they talk about all the neighborhoods in Curbed Detroit, I have no idea where they are in relationship to where I used to live. Thank you!

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