Map: Metro Detroit Coney Regions

Detroit is the only real city to get a coney dog.

Yet, the coney dog’s popularity has spun up a number of regional coney island chains: National, Leo’s, and Kerby’s. Many suburban metro Detroiters have a preference and meet their friends and family at the local coney island restaurant. National is more Macomb County territory while Kerby’s is very north-central in its locations. Leo’s is by far the most ubiquitous and readily available coney island spot in the region.

As with many community amenities like grocery stores, taco restaurants, and retail, Detroit gets passed over time and time again. Detroit doesn’t need chains or national brands. Detroiters make a way with no way. Coneys are no different. The city has the greatest density and all independent establishments.

4 thoughts on “Map: Metro Detroit Coney Regions

  1. Lafayette Coney Island is the best among the best. American Coney a close second. During my undergrad days at UM A2, we would drive all the way to downtown Detroit to visit Lafayette.

  2. hey Alex, enjoyed this map. However, there is a National Coney Island that is located within Detroit city limits, at 19019 Mack Ave. The National Coney website lists that location as being in Grosse Pointe, which is incorrect, even though Grosse Pointe Farms is across the street, and GP Woods is one block north.

    To make things even more confusing, that coney’s zip code of 48236 spans across part of Detroit, GP Farms and GP Woods. And the post office branch itself is located in GP Farms.

    Thought you would want to know,

    Eric Dueweke 313-231-1114

  3. Senate and Zorbas Coney Island have 4 locations each for many decades a major player. Joe’s Top Dog in Dearborn 40 years going strong. All deserve a mention on this map.

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