Map: Chain Supermarkets in Metro Detroit 2020

I’ve mapped the empty business rings of Detroit before, but my personal interest and research is in food access. While chain supermarkets are not the shining beacon of hope, they are the preferred food shopping location for the majority of Detroit residents even with almost 70 independent local grocers.

Kroger and Walmart are the leading locations to buy groceries by Detroiters, but none are located within the city limits. The Walmart bus shuttles seniors from every corner of the city on a weekly basis.

I was interviewed for this CNN piece on the topic. Read more: How the rise of supermarkets left out black America

8 thoughts on “Map: Chain Supermarkets in Metro Detroit 2020

  1. Hi Alex,

    I believe you are missing four Downriver Kroger locations. Southgate, Grosse Ile, Lincoln Park and Taylor.

    Regards, Brian

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    • Dequindre (Warren side) south of 12 Mile Kroger also seems absent. Dot just west of county line I assume is 12 Mile/Stephenson Kroger, at the former location of St. Dennis parish. Won’t be seeing immortals fighting it out in produce, I guess.

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  5. Noticed another four Krogers missing that have been in place well before 2020:
    8 Mile Rd west of Farmington Rd in Livonia
    Ann Arbor Rd and Sheldon Rd in Plymouth
    Canton Center Rd and Ford Rd in Canton
    Canton Center Rd and Michigan Ave in Canton

    Though both Northville locations are represented on the map… the one at Haggerty and 5 Mile is a former Hiller’s. Not sure why Kroger has kept this smaller store open with the one right up at Haggerty and 6 Mile, though.

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