Detroit Blossoms and Fruit Trees Map

I mapped Detroit’s fall colors and have often been asked where to find fruit trees. Spring seems the perfect time to locate blossoms like Pear and Cherry trees while also highlighting some other fruit tree clusters.

The map noticeably has no Cherry trees, which I think is an error with the dataset. However, as far as I know, only Belle Isle has Cherry trees. The streets are labeled on the map where there are multiple fruit trees. Detroit has a wide distribution of Apple and Pear, but also some dense clusters of Hackberry or Chokeberry.

There is an interesting spatial pattern where neighborhoods further from downtown have more fruit trees as well as the line of fruit trees that mark the city’s Westside. I’m again very thankful that Dr. Dakota McCoy and team have created this cleaned up dataset from disparate tree sources.

2 thoughts on “Detroit Blossoms and Fruit Trees Map

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  2. There are Paw Paw trees in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood. At least one at 248 Manistique St, Detroit, MI 48215 and another at 313 Newport St, Detroit, MI 48215.

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