Map: Coworking through Coronavirus 2021

Detroit has a history of upstart coworking spaces before any corporate chains like WeWork arrived. That trend has continued even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Curbed has noted that commercial real estate appears to be investing heavily in a future coworking boom. Maybe they are right as traditional office spaces close, move to full-time remote, or adopt a coworking attitude all together (although many workplaces are not even considering continuing remote work or are planning for a mandated 3 days in the office).

There are 25 coworking spaces open in Detroit, including 5 new spaces since our last update in 2019. I’ve been tracking the coworking boom since 2014 when Detroit had 22 sites offering coworking. Downtown and Techtown remain the hot areas with a third WeWork location open on Cass Ave. Costs increased in 2017, stabilized in 2019, and for 2021 seem to be hanging on for the future boom.

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