Map: Detroit’s Coworking Landscape


Just about every month there is a new “coworking” location added to Detroit’s aspiring technology and innovation community. One coworking space has finally not located Downtown, WorkPlace in Grandmont Rosedale. WorkBuild HQ is the most recent addition right Downtown. The map isn’t even able to properly display all of the locations because there is such a high density Downtown.

The Voronni tesselation is based on the costs associated with becoming a coworking member at particular locations. These were determined by available information – a number of locations make it very difficult to get their information if you don’t apply and get vetted (dark green). There are also a fair number of coworking locations that are very community focused and some offer free space and services.

Please send along any updated information if you know more about particular coworking spaces. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Map: Detroit’s Coworking Landscape

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