Map: Past and Present Detroit Public Library Locations


If you haven’t seen the installation in the Detroit Public Library (DPL) Main Branch then you should. A full wall map details all of the former DPL neighborhood branch locations and their changes over the years since the start of the public library system.

2 thoughts on “Map: Past and Present Detroit Public Library Locations

  1. I have fond memories of visiting my library on Fort St. in SW Detroit. The building is gone now, and I have had a difficult time figuring out where it was located. I’m definitely going to visit this installation in the next few weeks.

    • I remember a branch there also, a beautiful old building that looked like it was made of limestone, perhaps. I think it was near Campbell St. I wonder what happened to the building, too bad its not still there, it could be used for another application. I need to visit this installation also. Maybe I will see you there.
      Deb Richmond

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