Map: Hand Drawn Southwest Detroit 1897-1905

Detroit Brickyards

This map was found and posted by architect, Robert Saxon Jr., while looking for historic information on Detroit brickyards.

It’s unclear whose signature “T. Klug” appears in the bottom corner. Nevertheless, a great example of a hand drawn map used to understand a specific area of Detroit.

UPDATE 07/08/16: Dr. Thomas Klug, Director of the Institute for Detroit Studies at Marygrove College has confirmed he is the map creator. The map was part of a 1999 Report titled: “Railway Cars, Bricks, and Salt: The Industrial History of Southwest Detroit Before Auto.”More from Dr. Klug:

I used a relatively contemporary map  of Detroit…in order to situate “industrial” places in SW Detroit based on the 1905 city directory and the 1899 Sanborn maps.

It was a real eye opener to  come across all those brick yards in Springwells Township.  They looked pretty impressive in the Sanborns, and i came across a description of the miserable conditions facing the workers (German immigrants) from the Michigan Bureau of Industrial & Labor Stats.



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