Map: Desired Pathways in Detroit’s Cass Corridor


Major changes have been taking place in the Cass Corridor and those changes have accelerated in recent years. Concerns were raised by nonprofits in the early 2000s with the creation of “Midtown” and those same concerns are being raised as the new Red Wings arena is being constructed and property values skyrocket.

This map is a representation of the pathways of the often invisible people in the Cass Corridor. Detroit’s Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO) provides programming and resources to the city’s vulnerable neighbors, many of whom are located in the Cass Corridor area. Desire lines or desire paths are the wore trails that people create between places and spaces when there isn’t necessarily a planned route. The mobility of the vulnerable people in the Cass Corridor is visible here as the desire lines have a clear radial pattern around the NSO building.

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