Map: Archipelago Detroit – Colonial Farming, Industrialization, and Transitions

Archipelago Detroit 12

In 2010, Lars Gräbner of Volume One Studio and the University of Michigan Taubman College, began conducting a mapping study of Detroit in order to conceptualize a future for the city. The above series of maps were based on the Official Hearne Bros. Real Estate Atlas of the City of Detroit, Plats Map, Edition 500-50.

More from Lars Gräbner:

Colonial Farming

Colonial French Farming, structured in ribbon farms ensuring dependable access to the river since 1701.


Residential neighborhoods developed in dependable relationship to industrial corridors since 1806.

Ecologic Transition

Residential neighborhoods densify in dependable relationship to the productive landscape park (energy-park) in the future.

These maps were featured in Mapping Detroit (Chapter 8: Mapping the Urban Landscape: Revealing the Archipelago) available from the WSU Press.

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