Detroit 2022 Primary Election Maps

Jackson, an architecture student and lifelong Michigander, (@im_sorry_wtf) has been generating some clear and beautiful maps of election results for primary elections across the state. This is a sampling of the primary races that included Detroit. All data come from the respective county clerk offices.

The most important news coverage, rightfully so, about Detroit primaries has been the loss of Black representation in Congress for the first time in 40 years. This is the exact scenario that community leaders and the Black Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party warned about after the recent redistricting. The most watched primary was for Michigan’s 13th Congressional seat where 8 of the 9 candidates were Black. India-American businessman and State Representative, Shri Thanedar won the primary by a 4% margin.

The “West End” of Detroit sits within Michigan’s 12th Congressional District. Incumbent Rashida Tlaib was running against embattled Detroit City Clerk, Janice Winfrey. Tlaib won her primary handily despite the influx of pro-Israel funding from groups hoping to unseat Tlaib who is Palestinian-American.

The 8th District State Senate primary is notably for its starkness. The near absolute racial divide in voting along Detroit’s northern 8 Mile Road border is a reminder of our segregated region. The Black candidate, Marshall Bullock won a plurality in the Detroit section and precincts in Oakland County while the white candidate, gaining recent political fame, Mallory McMorrow only won a plurality of votes in one precinct of Detroit.

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