Map: “Detroit” places inside and outside the city limits

I hear this question all the time, sometimes it is a vulgarity thrown at suburban businesses using “Detroit” in their name to profit from the city. The data show that truly the majority of places and businesses using “Detroit” in their name are located within the city limits. The concentration is Downtown with widespread use in Northwest Detroit.

Data from the Places API shows that Southfield is the number one suburb using the “Detroit” name. This was the result expected from my “100 Maps of Detroit” where many national corporations locate their “Detroit office” in the Southfield Civic Center area.

Top 5 “Detroit” Suburbs

  1. Southfield
  2. Warren
  3. Ferndale
  4. Troy
  5. Royal Oak

UPDATE 02/15/22: Based on some comments here is the “Motor City” spread

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