Map: The Greening of Detroit 1975-1992

greeningdetroit1975-1992This map comes from Solstice: An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics (Volume VII, Number 1, 1996) at the University of Michigan. Authors John Nystuen, Rhonda Ryznar, and Thomas Wagner utilized Landsat imagery to do an fascinating analysis of a greening Detroit, which was largely due to increased vacancy and natural regrowth on abandoned structures.

Figure 1.  Landsat change image of Detroit showing changes in 
urban greenness from 1975 to 1992.  Imagery and analysis are joint 
ventures between Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) and 
The University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Urban Planning.  
Green areas show tracts with greenness increase; red areas with 
greenness decrease; black areas, no change. Change data derived from TM 
1992 and MSS 1975 images of vegetation reflectance.

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