Workshop: Data, Mapping, and Research Justice


A little horn tooting: I will be presenting a workshop on data and making maps in October with Allied Media Projects Co.Open. We’ll be doing some active data collection and retrospective analysis of the Cass Corridor. Sounds exciting right!? This is all to keep working towards to goal of getting more people making maps!

Everyone wants to use amazing maps and visual graphics for their causes, but there are a number of behind the scenes steps to ensure data is collected in a way that promotes justice. Maps and data can be used to better understand where inequality exists, to look at possible correlations between environmental risk factors, or even to visualize community responses. Working within the frame of research justice, we will be using open source tools to work with GIS data. Our goal will be to successfully understand data collection, data management, and basic map visualization. Do you want to use maps and data to further your social justice cause? Then this is the course for you!

Register here!

Here is a link to apply for reduced rate scholarships

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