Whiteboard Wall Map at Hostel Detroit


Hostel Detroit, located in North Corktown, is the home of this tidy wall map showing Detroit’s boundaries and main roads. Its accuracy is commendable, except where the map’s southwestern terminus bumps into an electrical outlet next to the chair. Northwest Detroit rounds the corner and continues for a few inches on the wall to the left.

While maps as interior decoration are already pretty hot aesthetically, this map is more utilitarian than its minimalist appearance lets on. It’s actually a whiteboard, but, as hostel caretaker Jeff explained, everybody has been too afraid to test out the markers on it. Having a neatly inscribable and erasable map is a good move in a place with many guests in need of inspired directions, but there’s a certain irony in its white expanse. An invitation to explore and share, it’s also the proverbial blank slate, waiting for out-of-town guests to come project onto it their own versions of Detroit.

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