Map: Detroit Rambling recreates the Smells of the Midtown Loop


jacqui Au of the Detroit Area Rambling Network took some time and recreated my “smells of the Midtown Loop” map with her own smell experiences. Additionally, with some beautiful hand drawn maps! Here is an excerpt from her post:

“Daytime is much smellier for the Midtown Loop than night, with thirty-two scent events compared to eighteen after hours. While I wasn’t struck by its unpleasantness while walking, exhaust fumes were abundant on my daytime loop, accounting for eight scent events where traffic lined up at stoplights. The nighttime walk was dominated by five great woodsy whiffs of fresh mulch. More mysterious scents floated through the night air — chlorine, gasoline, and a funny plastic reek, none of which had an origin visually evident.”

She concluded that the Midtown Loop was designed more for visual than scent experience. jacqui walked the loop both during the day and night to do a comparison.

“The relatively clear air after dark is a significant benefit for pedestrians uninterested in basking in noxious fumes and harmful particulates as they stroll along a greenway.”

Thanks jacqui!

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