Detroit’s Logical Grid Map: One Square Miles



Mayoral candidate Benny Napolean, former Police Chief of Detroit, developed a “one square mile” plan for improving Detroit. His campaign tagline was “Together, transforming every neighborhood, one square mile at a time.” Although Napolean did not win, the idea wasn’t bad: bringing a community focused effort that defined the Detroit mayoral race. This map was created to demonstrate how his plan could work for better community policing.

Looks a little similar to the Microhoods used in the recent parcel survey, Motor City Mapping project.

How logical do you think these grids are?

2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Logical Grid Map: One Square Miles

  1. I think this grid could it be more logical than the Loveland Microhoods map, but I have a question? Why did you shape it like that? It is based on the social relationships that already exists in that city?

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