Detroit Neighborhoods Map 2003


Known as one of the first attempts at a comprehensive neighborhood map for the city, this project from Cityscape’s Arthur Mullen and Andrew Koper provides a look at how their map shaped many future neighborhood maps in Detroit.

Detroit is composed of many neighborhoods, each with a unique history and features. Not many people are aware of them all or where they are located.

Huffington Posts noted:

Mr. Mullen’s map, despite its precision, does not provide complete coverage of the city (note the white spaces in the below screenshot) and makes no claim to be the final, comprehensive authority on Detroit’s neighborhood boundaries. However, in a sort of butterfly effect that could have only originated in an earlier decade of the Internet, Mr. Mullen’s map caught on. When Google Maps began to display neighborhood details for the world’s major cities, they simply scraped the Cityscape map. In the months that followed, countless other Internet content providers, in turn, scraped Google’s data. Now, Mr. Mullen’s work has come to be used by pretty much everyone as the de facto Detroit neighborhood map.

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