Map: Detroit Neighborhoods Game

Did you play the neighborhoods game from Axios? Neighborhood boundaries are always contentious whether they are officially defined or not. What did you think?

  • Boston-Edison is a historic district that functions as a de facto neighborhood
  • Grandmont-Rosedale is arguable a collection of neighborhoods including: Rosedale Park, North Rosedale Park, Grandmont, Grandmont #1, Minock Park, and/or Westwood Park
  • Mexicantown is a bit of a nebulous space that most people associate with restaurants in Southwest Detroit
  • Jefferson Chalmers, named for an intersection and a homeowners association, includes a handful of community groups and block clubs, notably “Chalmers – Best 5 Blocks”
  • Corktown, the city’s oldest neighborhood, has changed a lot over the years with expressway development and baseball stadium updates

One thought on “Map: Detroit Neighborhoods Game

  1. Thank you very much for the information about the Detroit neighborhood game. Do you have an Excel file on line showing which census tracts for Census 2020 are in the various neighborhoods of Detroit? That would be very helpful. I realize that census tract boundaries do not exactly correspond to neighborhood boundaries in many places in Detroit.

                                            Ren Farley

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