Ghost Map of Detroit: Haunted Sites

Happy Halloween!

Detroit is no doubt full of frightening happenings and the spirits of countless souls long past. There are likely many numerous haunted sites in the city, but there are a handful that regularly come back to haunt the headlines and click-bait lists around this time of year. Some of the more notable ghost sightings include:

The Whitney – The now elegant restaurant has a Ghost Bar on the top floor. Numerous staff and customers have mentioned seeing ghosts everywhere!

Old City Cemetery – the Eastern Market office is located on the site of the old House of Corrections and most likely the gravel parking lot is the site of the Old City Cemetery. I have no idea if graves were moved or what happened before or after.

St. Aubin Street Massacre – In the 1920s a family of six were hacked to death and the case was never solved.

Stevens T. Mason Monument – The remains of the Governor of Michigan (1835-1840) were entombed under the monument. However, during the Capitol Park renovations, the remains were not found under the monument, but a number of yards away.

Alhambra Apartments – Today the apartment building are scary because the Ilitches have mothballed and painted the whole building blood red. The history is that in 1905, Rose Barron allegedly poisoned 40 families, killing two people with arsenic biscuits.

Elmwood Cemetery – No surprise that a cemetery has ghosts. The cemetery was also the site of the Bloody Run ambush of British soldier by Chief Pontiac. The soldiers’ blood ran into the creek turning it red.

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