Maps at Home with Jessica Jozwik and her 1865 Map of Detroit’s Elmwood Cemetery

What is your map at home (title, year, etc.)

Two Elmwood Cemetery maps from 1865

Where did you find/acquire the map?

I usually buy maps online wherever I can find them. The Elmwood maps came from John King Books. They are so good at finding unique things that can’t be found anywhere else.

What made you hang it on your wall? What stood out to you? What details do you enjoy about the map?

I like to own the maps and be able to get them out of my closet whenever I want to. I don’t to get to the library and wait for permission to see them. The Elmwood cemetery map is a frozen moment in time. It’s also very organic, not standard groupings of streets, no grid. It’s more like a golf course or a national park map than a city map.

What in your background has drawn you to maps?

A lot of maps I have are more survey maps or property or insurance maps. I have different maps that show buildings. The reason I like these maps is that they document a moment in time. If I wanted to see what my grandparents saw when they moved to Michigan. I can’t see that now, but I can see it through the maps and the buildings that used to be there. The streets too are fascinating because we can easily pour concrete now and some streets from those old maps aren’t there anymore.

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