Maps at Home with Paul Jones III and the 1877 Plan of Detroit

What is your map at home (title, year, etc.)

Plan of Detroit, 1877, Library of Congress

Where did you find/acquire the map?

A friend’s parents’ gave it to me! A lot of times people hear “urban planning” and think to send maps my way, which I actually love.

What made you hang it on your wall? What stood out to you? What details do you enjoy about the map?

I placed the map here because it definitely fits the urbanist aesthetic I wanted on this shelf. My favorite thing about it is the fact that it shows all the connections and lost streets the city has leveled over the years for “urban renewal,” freeways, and other things. It’s nice to have a tangible reminder of how connected and comprehensive the city’s urban fabric once was.

What in your background has drawn you to maps?

When I was a kid I spent hours drawing up fictitious maps for cities, so in a way I’ve always been drawn to them. Recently I’ve become more interested both in the artistic notes found in older maps and all the ways maps can tell very different stories of the same places.

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