Map: SWAT Raids in Detroit 2013 – 2015


Accompanying an article titled “Policing the Poor in Detroit,” this map denotes the seventeen raids associated with Chief Craig’s “Operation Restore Order” as well as median incomes in the areas where raids happened.

Notes: Each starred site lists the date of the raid and the 2013 median household income of the surrounding census block group. The raids that killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Terrance Kellom are included on the map, although these were not part of Operation Restore Order. As the map shows, median income in most areas targeted by police operations fell well below the city average of $25,000. Thanks to Mallika Roy for help creating this graphic.
Sources: Detroit News;
More from the article:
“The geography of these raids follows a larger pattern of uneven development in Detroit. Even as finance capital and real estate investment pour into Greater Downtown, residents of the East and West Sides have endured service cuts, water shutoffs, and the largest foreclosure crisis in U.S. history.”

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