Detroit Works Project City Map 2012


This map was used on the “Building from Strength” section on Mayor Dave Bing’s “Detroit Works Project” that ultimately became Detroit Future City. The map was to anchor the idea that Detroit has plenty of assets to build from rather than focus on the negatives.

There’s plenty to work with. Detroit is the city that put the world on wheels. A city with rich cultural heritage, ethnic tradition and a legacy of innovation. The middle class was born here. We built the Arsenal of Democracy and the first expressway to help expand it. It’s a city where bold ideas have become very real and set the example for the world.

It’s time. Time to think big.

It’s already happening. Gardens are springing from empty lots. A riverfront has been transformed. Business incubators are popping up, more and more. This is the moment to pull together what’s already happening and consider even bigger “what-ifs.” It’s time to work together towards something better. To once again define a path for us, and urban America. To define a future for Detroit that works. Now.

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