Map: Discover Corktown 2013


In 2013, Awesome Mitten put together a quick guide to new and changing places to visit in Corktown and included this nice illustrated map.

It’s interesting to see what was left off the list and also what has changed. St. Cece’s is closed, the Old Tiger’s Stadium site is under construction, the Corktown Inn (Trumbull and Porter Hotel) has had a major facelift, there are multiple new restaurant and retail spots, including: Katoi (before-the-fire), Two James Distillery, Gold Cash Gold, Ottava Via, Rubbed, Batch Brewing, Bucharest Grill, Detroit Institute of Bagels, Metropolis Cycles, Happier Camper, Detroit Artifactry, Detroit Grooming Company, and The Farmer’s Hand). Corktown is still waiting for development at Michigan Central Station and the CPA Building is still in unknown limbo, but the “Elton Park” residential development is moving forward.

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