Map: Blue Beacons at Wayne State University 1971


This map accompanied the Field Notes IV by the Detroit Geographical Expedition led by Bob Colenutt in 1971. The blue beacon safety sites had become a point of contention with the Cass-Trumbull community.

“The unofficial policy appears to one of protecting University property, including the students, from the community people. In this sense, the community becomes the enemy–the human element under surveillance. Thus the presence of the WSU police is not for the benefit of the community but is strictly for the benefit of the University.”

In the past the WSU police were in contention with the community. More recently, the WSU police department has expanded patrols into neighborhoods around the campus as a service to areas where students live. The WSU police have been lauded for their efforts to reduce overall crime in the Midtown area during revitalization efforts.


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