Population Density Map 1925 Detroit City Census

This excellent dot map was published in “The Detroit Educational Bulletin” Research Bulletin No. 9 – October 1925. The report gave population totals for each of the 570 Census zones (now called Census Tracts).

The nationality breakdown for 1925 showed the top five groups as:

  1. U. S. White – 598,041
  2. Poland – 115,069
  3. Canada – 83,685
  4. U. S. Colored – 81,831
  5. Germany – 54,223


2 thoughts on “Population Density Map 1925 Detroit City Census

  1. From the mid-ninteenth century through 1935, the state of Michigan took a census in the year ending in 5. I have never previously seen any data presentations from the Michigan state censuses. I have been told that, during a World War II paper drive, most of the enumeration
    forms that had been retained were turned over for the war effort. Does anyone know what
    remains from the numerous Michigan state censuses?

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