Map: Cadillac’s Village of Detroit in 1708

This map is a reproduction of the original “Plan From Conveyances of Cadillac” made 1707 – 1708 published in the book “Cadillac’s Village” or “Detroit Under Cadillac.” The author was none other than Clarence Monroe Burton (Burton Historical Archives).

Burton writes:

“[…] Of all these conveyances I have a complete copy, and have undertaken to arrange them in a manner to construct a map of Detroit, as it was in 1708. […]

It may be that this map is faulty. I have no doubt that it is, in some particulars. But it will do as a foundation to work from, and a better one may be constructed hereafter, when more information can be obtained from which to work. […]

In order to prove the accuracy of the map, I had it traced on the present city map, and find the lines of lots existing before the fire of 1805, many of which still serve as boundary lines of present buildings, coincide very nearly with the Cadillac conveyances.”

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