Map: Detroit District-Neighborhood Name Mashups


Francis Grunow wrote a post a while back on the shortcomings of the Detroit Future City plan, its lack of regionalism, and collaborative pathways that could be used moving forward. Most notably, he calls for a Planning Corps to integrate efforts with existing community-based organizations.

He also drew this map to accompany the post which mashes up City Council Districts and neighborhood names within those areas.

  • District 1: La Grand Rose Moor (Grandmont-Rosedale, Brightmoor)
  • District 2: Bagley Greenwoods (Bagley Community, Green Acres, Palmer Woods)
  • District 3: Osborn Landia (Osborn)
  • District 4: Jefferson Morningside (Jefferson-Chalmers, Morningside)
  • District 5: New North South East West End Village Center Bottom (New Center, North End, West Village, Black Bottom)
  • District 6: Mid-Swowntown (Midtown, Southwest, Downtown)
  • District 7: McRouge Dale (Rouge Park, Rosedale)


One thought on “Map: Detroit District-Neighborhood Name Mashups

  1. As a lifelong resident of NED(Northeast Detroit-District 3), I’m aware of several nicknames for various neighborhoods during my long lifetime. A a child, I lived in the Van Dyke@Harper area when it was in it’s prime, long, long ago.. Part of that area was known as St.Cyril Village( While Osborn is an appropriate name for NED, Pershing is equally good, if not better, as the area is older,has lots of local history, and Pershing HS has some well-known alumni. Pershing area also has two historical NED neighborhoods, KRAINZ WOODS from Ryan to Mound-north of Nevada,and CONANT GARDENS east of Ryan,north of Nevada.. The areas south of Krainz Woods and Conant Gardens are popularly known these days as NOHAM(North of Hamtrack-Ryan to Mound, Nevada to Det./Hamt, border, and Banglatown(east of Ryan). In addition, some locals refer to the areas from Conant to Mound and 8 Mile down to Detroit/Hamtamck border as UPTOWN EAST.For more information on NED(Northeast Detroit-District 3), check the FACEBOOK page CREATE NED, Twitter too, for CreateNED(Northeastt Detroit), a project to enhance communities in all areas of NED.

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