Map: Kelly-Tatarian Property Speculation 2009


Back in 2009, Rob Linn dug through City of Detroit Assessor data to look at private land ownership specifically looking at some of the city’s largest private land holders. Michael Kelly and Matthew Tatarian had nearly 1,500 properties in 2009.

Investors such as Allen Shiffman, Matty Moroun, Michael Kelly and Matthew Tatarian often buy property from the city and county at steep discounts with hopes to resell the properties to other parties – including, ironically, the city and county – at a huge profit. The business models of each speculator range drastically, however, so it is difficult to predict their behavior at auctions.”

The Property Praxis project has found similar high numbers of property under Michael Kelly and Matthew Tatarian’s names in the 2015 City of Detroit Assessor data.

One thought on “Map: Kelly-Tatarian Property Speculation 2009

  1. I like the map but I think Tatarian’s strategy is buy as many as possible wherever they are at. I was sent a list of properties for sale by “Tradin Places LLC” and they have the same patternless, opportunistic property ownership.

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