Map: Detroit Bus Availability and Walkability


by contributor: Jimmy McBroom

“This is a map of accessibility to the fixed-route bus system in Metro Detroit. For each block, this measure was derived by looking at the bus stops within a 1500 foot walking distance (that’s about an 8-10 minute walk). By measuring the individual routes that service those stops and the frequency of those routes, a measure of total bus trip availability was generated. For instance, since most blocks in Downtown Detroit were within a 10 minute walk of the Rosa Parks Transit Center, the number of available daily bus trips for most downtown blocks are in the 1500-2000 range. You can see similar clusters of accessibility in downtown Detroit, along the Woodward and Gratiot corridors, and near Northland Mall. Stop location & route frequency data was generated using a weekday schedule, using GTFS data from AATA, DDOT, and SMART. Census block data was derived from US Census TIGER/LINE files.”

2 thoughts on “Map: Detroit Bus Availability and Walkability

  1. Wondering where you were able to get the GTFS data for SMART? I have been able to get DDOT and AATA, but can’t seem to find SMART. Any suggestions would be great.


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