Map: Trumbull Households Displaced by Urban Renewal 1971


This map comes from the Detroit Geographic Expedition and Institute’s Field Notes 4 publication where you could also find the map image comparing neighborhood assets of the suburbs vs. the city.

During the “urban renewal” push that created the notable districts of Midtown (Medical Center, Art Center, Museum District, etc.) Wayne State University (WSU) was also a focus area called University City 2 (UC2). The Trumbull area was considered to have a transient population that was undesirable for WSU and the City of Detroit. Residents were offered relocation funding and many 31% of renters moved locally in a northwestern direction, however displaced homeowners tended to move further away and often outside of Detroit. Between 1960 and 1970 the Trumbull community population went from 14,500 people down to 8,000.

Field Notes 4 focused on the takeover of the Matthaei Playfield by WSU for its sport facilities, but also examined housing, police, and health services in the Trumbull community (now better known as Woodbridge).

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