Data: Hardest Hit Fund Demolitions in Detroit

detroit-demo-houseMayor Duggan has made demolition of blighted homes a top priority with 1,927 home demolitions up until September 10, 2014. Luckily for Duggan, he isn’t the only one with this goal. A number of private and federal interests also want to move forward with tearing down Detroit’s blight.

Contractor Number Percent
Able 102 5.30%
Adamo 744 38.63%
Blue Star 110 5.71%
DMC 59 3.06%
Homrich 690 35.83%
MCM 221 11.47%

The top two contractors tearing down Detroit’s blight are Adamo (38%), based in Detroit, and Homrich (35%), also contracted to shutoff residential water accounts. Both companies have been in the demolition business since 1964 and I can only wonder how many Detroit homes have met the business end of their machinery.

The site has the demolitions listed in PDF form and we took just a few hours to turn them into a usable dataset. Open data requires no more PDFs!


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