Map: Residential Density & Walkable Schools in Detroit


U of M student Nadim Van De Fliert created this map to demonstrate the need for more dense residential development as a way to support better, community-centered schools. More from the author:

Map A reveals the residential zones classified as R4, R5, and R6 – the highest density residential (HDR) zones in the city.  Those schools within 1,000 feet of the high density residential zones are highlighted in black.  1,000 feet was chosen to roughly estimate the east-west distance of a standard New York City block.  Imagine turning the corner on a nice leisurely stroll to school with your classmates and seeing your destination just a few hundred paces further ahead.  At this point, it’s a dead sprint – racing to be the first at the front door.  This is an ideal for which to strive, perhaps.

What’s missing:

  1. Data sources
  2. 1000 foot radius around schools? Where do the ideas converge?
  3. Don’t use the equal sign for a hypothesis (dense residential = walkable schools)

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