Map: Potential for School Integration 1967


This map from the Detroit Geographic Expedition and Institute (DGEI) comes from Field Notes III, which was focused on all aspects of education in Detroit, represents areas of the city that were more likely to do well with integrating races in schools. It just so happened that these areas (darkest) were also the wealthiest. “Good” integrated education was available to the highest paid black families and middle or high income white families.

More from the report:

“The geographic phenomenon [integration] is not the result of pushy people aggressively invading other peoples’ neighborhoods, it is simply natural proportional growth. Further, the cause of white flight from integrated areas is not necessarily simply racism. “Integration” to whites too often means bad schools; and young liberal white families, the ones more likely to integrate, will not do so at the expense of their children’s education. The low quality of education, especially the predictable tremendous overcrowding that accompanies expanding black neighborhoods, is precisely the overwhelming factor that drives out young liberal white couples from integrated areas. The condition of the schools themselves are the most active instrument of segregation in the city today in spite of an officially proclaimed policy of integration.”

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