Detroit Future City “Neighborhoods” Map


The ongoing debate about neighborhoods in Detroit have been troubled by the lack of clear definition in the Detroit Future City report. However, the report did define “traditional residential” neighborhoods, which were described as areas that would be maintained. The report states that with these neighborhoods have been hit by population loss, foreclosures, and lack of investment. The Midtown/ Downtown areas are given new labels in the report, so they do not appear in the “traditional neighborhoods” category. However, the report states that traditional neighborhoods:

“need improvements to their city systems and infrastructure to make them competitive with peer neighborhoods in the region.”

The color scheme for this map was chosen through inspiration from an article in Cartographic Perspectives: Expressive Map Design Based on Pop Art: Revisit of Semiology of Graphics? The article looks at using pop art graphic choices applied to map elements. This map is based on a Warhol example.

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