Map of Bicycle Crashes in Detroit 2005-2009


There have been a few recent calls for better data or even real time data on bicycle crashes. Detroit has been adding many bike lanes, shared lanes, and greenways over the last few years. This map may help identify where some unmet needs could benefit from bike lanes or buffered bike lanes. Key hotspots in Detroit are Midtown around Warren Ave. and Wayne State University’s campus as well as Northeast along Gratiot, specifically at the corner of Gratiot and McNichols. Hamtramck represents an interest cluster. I’m not sure if that represents better bike crash reporting in the smaller municipality, or if just more people are biking there? There is also a cluster Downtown, which could be interesting to see in the future as development increases Downtown and Woodward corridor walkability is targeted along with the M1 Rail.

Additional exciting news is the plan for buffered bike lanes on East Jefferson!


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