Detroit Blue Green Open Space Map


This Detroit Future City map imagines Detroit’s landscape with expanded blue/ green open spaces. While land use like Hantz farms has been extremely controversial, there are many issues to cover before these ideas will become reality. Belle Isle was (again, controversially) leased to the State of Michigan this week and the figures are that $10 million will be invested to improve the park/ island’s infrastructure and amenities. In particular on this map I would love to see the expressway zones look like forests. I’m imagining what it looks like driving in Northern Michigan (tall trees on either side of the road), but instead I would just be driving along the Lodge to get home. I wonder when the Greening of Detroit will move from neighborhoods to overpasses (sarcasm). Also can you really imagine a “innovation ecological” zone right behind MotorCity Casino or the new Red Wings Stadium? Maybe if Illitch gets a new stadium he should also be responsible for maintaining an equal square mileage of green space for the public.

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