Detroit Future City Transit Planning Map


This map was included in a “Detroit Future City” strategic framework highlights handout. I found it very interesting that it included a lot of “Tier 1” bus rapid transit (BRT) routes along major roadways: Michigan Ave., Jefferson, Grand River, Gratiot, and Woodward. However, yet again in transit planning it looks like the Rosa Parks bus terminal was overlooked. There seems to be a bus icon where the Rosa Parks terminal is roughly located, but there is a large “Transit Node” circle right in the middle of downtown – where there is no space for a transit node, unless you build it in Hart Plaza.

There is no mention in the report highlights that the light rail plan is disconnected from the bus routes, or that more funding is being pumped into expressway expansion (I-94)  versus public, regional transit.

“It was the lack of consideration given to truly multimodal, transit-oriented solutions that prompted Transportation Riders United, a Detroit transit advocacy group, to write a scathing 53-page response to MDOT’s draft Environmental Impact Statement.”

Read more on ModeShift and a list of planned demolitions as part of the I-94 expansion.

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