Map of 51 Detroit City Parks Closing


51 City Parks Closing, 37 to receive less maintenance

  • Dark green are existing parks that are not slated for closure
  • Light Green are parks that will be maintained less
  • White are parks that are closing

Detroit will still have a wealth of city park space after today’s announcement, but it was surprising to see Romanowski Park, Butzel (near Rec Center), and Grand Circus Park on the list of closing parks. It is very unclear what closure or low maintenance will mean. It is also debatable that these parks were already seeing low to no maintenance.

Source: “A list of the parks to close or receive less maintenance” Detroit Free Press, 2/1/13


Thanks to Matt’s suggestion:

@MattH : Do you have the parks outlines? Would be cool to render those to show size / scale.

4 thoughts on “Map of 51 Detroit City Parks Closing

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