Cartographer Chat with Matzwart and making the Hostel Detroit Map

What is your map

Detroit Detour City Map 2018 for Hostel Detroit.

How did you come to make this map? What’s the story?

Since 2015 I’ve made several maps for the Rotterdam hostel Ani&Haakien and these maps grapped the attention of the nice people running Hostel Detroit. They contacted me through social media and we were able to make a deal where I could stay in the hostel for free for three weeks and get some dollars for food. This way I was able to work for a few hours a day and still have enough time to enjoy and explore the city, party a little bit and get inspiration to work on the map the next day.

What are you most proud of in the map? What stood out to you? What details do you enjoy about the map?

Of all the maps I made Detroit was definitely the biggest and most challenging one. It’s also the only one where I had the opportunity to use both sides of the paper which allowed me to make a zoom-in of the city center and highlight some of the cool places with little isometric illustrations.

What in your background has drawn you to maps?

I’ve always preferred exploring big cities above laying on the beach all day getting burned. Visiting these places I often stayed in hostels where I found maps that were interesting to me being a graphic designer/illustrator. Making maps forces you to work very precise but also leaves place to get creative and leave your own signature. Every big city has a different vibe that I try to incorporate in the project.

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