Map: Children and Library Access in Detroit 2020 – 2021

The issue of open library branches has been on-going since the COIVD-19 pandemic started. For over a year now, only 6 library branches have been open and there isn’t any expected change for Summer 2021.

I was concerned that closed Library branches meant that children wouldn’t have access over the summer let alone during the school year. I was pleasantly surprised that the branches still open largely fall within areas with high numbers of children. Notably, the Knapp branch near Hamtramck would serve an area with a significant number of children.

Libraries have been a community home base for many residents where they can read, use internet, and connect with what is happening. In a city with a significant digital divide and an overall low level of connectivity across the city (door-to-door outreach is the baseline) we have to keep our branches open and expand what they can offer.

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