Map: Downtown Detroit’s Unbuilt Highline and Superblocks 1950s


This conceptual plan takes the idea of dedicated space for people to gather to an entirely new level. If this plan had been implemented, Detroit would have had a Highline well before The collected works of Gerald Crane and Norbert Gorwic (CG) highlights their pedestrian focused plan for Downtown Detroit:

“In the superblocks surrounding the core system of elevated decks provides for the complete separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The top of the decks form a new level of pedestrian squares and piazzas linked by pedestrian bridges, making possible an uninterrupted walk through the entire Central Business District. Vehicular access and parking facilities are provided beneath the decks.

Then came the People Mover, but could it be possible to link existing parking decks as rooftop parks connected by pedestrian bridges?


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