Map: Presidential Detroit 2020 Candidate Stops


During the 2016 election cycle I tracked campaigns stops by candidates and their surrogates in Detroit. I wondered how the recent 2020 Democratic candidates reached geographically during the month of July before, during, and after the debates hosted in Detroit. The question I most often saw on Facebook and Twitter was: “Did any of the candidates make it out of the 7.2 square mile area of Downtown?”

The Detroit Free Press attempted to aggregate and map candidate stops and sightings, but had a number of missing events including the Qline shutdown caused by Joe Biden and Mike Duggan’s visit to Detroit One Coney Island.


There were a few candidates that made the effort to go beyond Downtown. Notably, Jay Inslee visited 48217 and the Detroit Islamic Center, Kirsten Gillibrand spent a lot of time hanging out and working out in West Village, but by far Kamala Harris was all across the map in Downtown, West Village, and visiting struggling businesses along the Livernois Avenue of Fashion. Three candidates made it beyond Downtown, but much of Detroit was left unseen. Hopefully future candidate trips will seek to engage more residents across the city.



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