Map: New Center Master Plan 1978

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 7.28.55 AM

This map caught my eye in the “Preservation News, Volume 18, No. 11, 1 November 1978.” The effort seemed very similar to the recently announced project in Cody-Rouge with DTE, GM, and Quicken.

“General Motors Corporation announced in September a four-year, $20 million joint private and public effort to revitalize the six-block New Center neighborhood adjacent to its world headquarters building in Detroit. […] The balance of the $2.6 million needed to purchase 125 houses and 175 apartments will come from 15 other Detroit firms.

The houses will be renovated for approximately $23,500 each and sold for $40,000–about half the price of a similar sized house in the suburbs. The original owners will have the first option to repurchase their homes. […]”


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