Map: Archipelago of Housing Conditions 2010


Archipelago Detroit 02

In 2010, Lars Gräbner of Volume One Studio and the University of Michigan Taubman College, began conducting a mapping study of Detroit in order to conceptualize a future for the city.

More from Lars Gräbner:

The excess supply of fragmented vacant land allows no clear prediction of how the city might develop and in which way the built and spatial environment will adapt to the situation. Based on the traditional means of planning, the new city is hardly amenable to planning.

An unconventional and creative strategic framework is inevitably necessary. The questions will arise: Which patterns of change in land use will occur? What kind of reoccurring planning and urban design patterns will emerge?  What kind of new social and economic opportunities might reveal themselves?

These maps were featured in Mapping Detroit (Chapter 8: Mapping the Urban Landscape: Revealing the Archipelago) available from the WSU Press.

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