Map: Detroit Master Plan, Neighborhoods and Housing 2004


This is an interesting map in more ways than just its pastel color choices. The year 2004 was 10 years ago now, pre-Detroit Future City plan, pre-revitalization craze. Notice there are key areas in brown that represent neighborhoods slated for revitalization efforts with no apparent rhyme or reason. Neighborhoods marked with a red star for “redevelopment” appear to be Brush Park, Eastern Market, East Riverfront, East English Village, and Morningside – many of the same focal neighborhoods today. What stands out as something that has been accomplished are all the loft conversions.

This map is another great reminder that nothing happens in a vacuum, redevelopment has a long trajectory. The best example here is Brush Park where the city has been acquiring land, moving residents off that land, to the point today where Mayor Duggan awards redevelopment of Brush Park to Bedrock Real Estate.

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