Map: Neon Detroit Map Love


This gem came to us on Valentine’s Day from George Vidas of SignifiersSigns. Even though Valentines is over, this neon seems appropriate  everyday for our heightened love of Detroit maps.

Credit:  George Vidas.  Detroit, I Love You, But Youʼre Bringing Me Down  (Where Are My Sister Cities Tonight?).  2014.  Neon & salvaged plywood.

“Abridged backstory:  Willie’s (the Shinola sister store) has a big ol neon USA border, mounted on plywood.  This planted the seed for doing a neon Detroit outline.  But it’s not an accurate border if you don’t represent the negative space of Hamtramck and Highland Park. How do you portray the relationship of Hamtramck, Highland Park, and Detroit?  Well, it’s complicated.
Feel free to publish / share / print out and use to dry your tears.”

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